Featured Real Estate Investment Deal: Ligustrum


6901 Ligustrum
Austin, TX
Specs: $479,000 Acquisition & Renovation Residential Investment

The Acquisition and Renovation at 6901 Ligustrum in Austin, TX by Real Estate Investor David McKenzie of Texas Oil Unlimited, LLC is an exciting project to feature. Check out these revealing photos, read about the specs and work done, and hear David’s input on working with Streamline Funding as well as advice to the new Real Estate Investor.

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Investment Real Estate Roundtable Announces 2014 Events

The Investment Real Estate Roundtable (IRER), a real estate investing networking group dedicated to educational & networking opportunities in the 4 major Texas markets of Austin, San Antonio, Houston, & Dallas, has released its Fall/Winter 2014 events schedule. The featured speaker in each city will be a local who is active and successful in the local market.

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Building The Perfect Team

Building the “perfect team”, both within the world of Real Estate Investing and in the everyday world, is about as easy as spotting a unicorn. In other words, impossible. That being said, I would recommend that on any given team, each person should first identify their strengths and more importantly their weaknesses.

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The Importance of the ARV, By Romney Navarro

In Real Estate Investing, particularly house flipping, very few things are as important to the overall success of the investment as is the home’s After Repair Value (ARV). Every segment of a transaction is critical in its own right and must be analyzed and managed correctly to allow for the greatest chances of success.

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Can I Get a Hard Money Loan with Bad Credit?

One of the most commonly asked questions about hard money loans is whether or not applicants with bad credit can get their deals funded. In order to understand what role credit plays in being approved for hard money loans, it’s important to understand what hard money lenders are actually looking for from investors.

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What Is Hard Money Lending And How Does It Work?

Real estate is one of the most profitable investment options out there right now, especially since we’re finally seeing healthy growth after last decade’s troubles in the housing market. There are a plethora of great opportunities out there, but regretfully it “takes money to make money”.

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Debunking Five Common Myths About Hard Money Loans

In real estate clubs and investment circles, talk about the benefits of hard money loans is commonplace. When it comes to the general public and new investors, however, there is a lot of confusion surrounding just how beneficial they are. For many people, a lack of understanding of this financing method has led to some untrue beliefs surrounding hard money.
Despite what you may have heard, here are five common myths about hard money loans that simply aren’t true:

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