Noble Capital, the premier private money lending network in Texas sponsored Michael Johnson’s #94 car at the Le Mans Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge on Friday, September 19 at The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The full race weekend was called “Lone Star Le Mans at Circuit of the Americas” and included multiple classes and races.

Mr. Johnson, a racing veteran of nearly 4 decades, raced in Street Tuner Class at 12:20CST and lasted 150 minutes. Mr. Johnson’s car, a Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Coupe, is owned and maintained by Irish Mike’s Racing of Orlando, Fl. The endurance race had a minimum requirement of two drivers and David Thilenius was the second driver for the race.“Many of our clients are racing enthusiasts, and we thought this would be a great way for us to get them closer to a sport they enjoy so much,” states Noble Capital Chief Operating Officer Chris Ragland.

“When we were approached with this opportunity by Michael, we were excited because it allowed us to show some support for a client while also having a little fun with it. We were happy to sponsor Irish Mike’s #94 car and wished them all the best last weekend.”
– Romney Navarro

More information about the races can be found on the IMSA web site at:

About Streamline Funding:
Streamline Funding operates in the 4 major markets in Texas: Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/ Fort Worth, and Houston. Since 2011, Streamline Funding has seen consistent growth quarter over quarter and expects to have another record year of loan originations. The Metroplex has always been a major part of their operations and now, with the inception of (high-end) new construction loans, should prove to be a focal point for the company’s loan operations. For more information on Streamline Funding, please visit

About Noble Capital:
Noble Capital serves as the conduit between the Lender and the Borrower in Private Money Loans. Private money loans are those made from a lender to a borrower, typically a real estate rehabber. The benefits of this type of investment strategy include the predictable interest rates, short-term nature of the loan, and the security of the asset as provided by the first position lien. For more information on Noble Capital, please visit

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