5 Apps That Can Help Builders and General Contractors During the COVID-19 Crisis

This shutdown is the perfect time to hone your skills, perfect new skills, and learn how to implement new technologies that can help your business in the future. Here are five apps that can help builders and contractors during the crisis.


Cash flow will undoubtedly make or break small business owners moving forward. Levelset helps builders, contractors, and suppliers create documents, file Mechanic’s Liens, get tough questions answered, and keep their payments under control. If you need to file a Mechanic’s Lien, the team at Levelset makes sure that all the necessary paperwork is complete properly. As well, payment experts will answer any questions that you have during the process. Once the documents are processed, Levelset will send the documents on your behalf. If you’re in a hurry, they also have expedited options.



This online construction bid software helps general contractors manage subcontractor data, share documents, prequalify subcontractors, and send invitations to bid. All files, projects, communication, and subcontractor data are stored in a secure, web-based online portal. Contractors can use the private sub-database to search for qualified subs and invite them to bid on a project. SmartBid is made to help builders or general contractors large and small. Portals in Spanish and French are also available.

Available on iPhone and Android


This handy app allows you to focus on what matters most when completing a project. It helps you keep track of tasks, deadlines, and managing your business. If you’re out in the field, Evernote captures your ideas through notes, pictures, and voice messages. They can help you plan, keep records, and manage your projects from any device. This enables you to collaborate with your team on one platform at any given time.

Available on iPhone, Android, and Microsoft.


Toggl is a time-tracking app that helps you break down your hours by project, what’s making you money, and what you could be doing better. It’s also great for reporting – you can export reports into any format you need, or use public API to move the data. You can also sync it up to your phone and laptop .

Available on iPhone, Android, and Desktop.


Calzy is perfect for builders and contractors and is more than just a calculator. You can store multiple numerical values related to project costs and reuse them across different sessions through drag and drop interactions, which helps you calibrate data in a more effective way. There’s also a great bookmarking feature that allows you to save any calculation with a date and title for future reference. This comes in especially handy when navigating through the different stages of your project.

Available on iPhone