5 Things to Consider if Your Project is on Hold During the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Donate Extra Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If you or your crew have extra PPE, especially N95 masks, consider reaching out to your local hospitals to donate them. For more information click here.

2. Get Certified!

Use this time to learn new things! If your job site is shut down and you’re twiddling your thumbs and wondering what you can be doing, consider getting a certification that will help strengthen your business acumen. Click here for some certifications that we recommend.

3. Go through your finances

This is the perfect time to follow up on all those administrative tasks we all hate. One of the biggest but the most necessary tasks we can take on is reconciling our finances. Use this down time to get everything in order so that you can start planning your next project post-pandemic.

4. Start putting together a Marketing Plan.

Start thinking about ways to promote your business and your projects. Especially if marketing isn’t your strong suit, use this time to brush up on some of the basic principles.  See below for a few resources on how to get started.

  • Digital Marketer: Digital Marketer is a great source of information; they have both free and paid content to help you understand the hows and whys behind a savvy marketing strategy.
  • Hubspot: Hubspot is one of the world’s leading marketing CRMs. As such, they have a great blog filled with tons of informational pieces about all things marketing.
  • Moz: Moz is an SEO company and thought leader in the marketing industry.

5. Look into Federal assistance options that may keep your project going:

If you are closing down your job site for the time being because of financial issues, look into some of the new federal provisions that may help during this time.

Click here for information to see if you qualify for a SBA loan

If meeting payroll is the problem, click here to learn more about the Paycheck Protection Program.

For more information on the EIDL, with a simple application and a max loan of $10,000 with each individual employed available to receive up to $1,000. Click here.