9 People Who Use Hard Money

Lots of investors and real estate professionals use hard money loans to fund their projects. So, who are these people and what are they like, anyway? We break it down for you in this episode! 

Man Behind the Machine

With 17 years in the business, Jadon Newman is a trailblazer in the private lending industry. As the founder of Streamline Funding and the CEO of Noble Capital, he has built an end-to-end investment machine for both entrepreneurs and individual investors from the ground up.

Make Hay

Chris Ragland is the Chief Operating Officer of Noble Capital, and he’s a go-getter. Hear how he came to Noble Capital, whipped it into shape, and helped to grow it into the successful private investment firm it is today. This guy knows how to make hay!

Accidental Superstar

It’s rare that someone finds their way into a career accidentally then becomes so successful at it. Hear how Chris Marroquin became the hard money king of the hill!

Servant Sales

Sales isn’t about pushing a product, it’s about solving a problem. As a sales coach, Jamie Hourahan is at the top of the industry. Hear how he approaches sales and how he got where he is today.

The Digital Dealmakers

Kyle McMillan started out with a very different product than what he ended up with. Hear how his journey led him to develop one of the largest real estate investment networks on the internet!

At What Cost?

Ryan Harper discusses his business philosophy and why he provides real estate investors across America with limitless learning opportunities for free!

It Takes Grit

Chuck Taylor started his real estate investment career from the hardest place possible – the bottom. Hear how he went from bartender to deal maker and what it took to get there.

A Crayon of Some Color

One of the toughest parts of real estate investment is permitting. David Cancialosi from Permit Partners knows how to navigate the process better than anyone in the business!

Action Is Everything

Steve Liang’s family came to the U.S. from communist China for better opportunities. He’s built a market analytics tool from the ground up to create better opportunity for investors.