Working through the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here are 6 Things to Consider.

1. Ensure that doing so is legal in your area.

In Texas, as of 4.3.2020, Governor Greg Abbot has issued a declaration making construction an essential business. If you live in a different state and you aren’t sure if construction is considered essential there, check out this link from NAHB on where construction is allowed to continue.

2. Provide your employees with an Essential Employee Letter.

Provide your employees with a letter to carry on them in the off-chance they are stopped for being out during a stay-at-home order. Click on the links below to download the English and/or the Spanish versions of these letter templates.

3. Make sure your insurance is up-to-date.

Ensure you carry Worker’s Compensation for anyone that you or your company directly manages and have working for you. These can be W-2 or 1099 employees.

Ensure all non-W-2 and 1099 employees list you as a named party on their general liability insurance.

4. Print and disseminate safety posters.

Even if you are open and operating as “normal”, there are special considerations employees must take during this pandemic. Take a look at these work safety posters and consider printing and posting them around your work-site to keep you and your employees safe.

5. Stay up to date with regulations.

If you are in Texas, click on the following links to stay up-to-date in your area on new ordinances and declarations.

6. Consider donating extra Personal Protective Equipment.

If you have personal protective equipment (PPE) consider, donating it to a local hospital or clicking here to learn more from FEMA. If you’ve run out of PPE but still need to work, click here for ways to continue to protect yourself.

** Bonus**

If you are considering shutting down your worksite, check out this site shutdown checklist.